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The body has the ability to heal itself naturally, just as a cold or wound heals itself naturally. Osteopathy helps the body restore itself to a good state.

The human body is composed of many organs, including the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, internal organs, and blood vessels. They function as a whole in cooperation with each other.

Our bodies are exposed to a great deal of stress on a daily basis. Physical stress, mental stress, psychological trauma, and environmental factors (chemical substances, electromagnetic waves, etc.) affect the structure and functions of the body.

Abnormalities (e.g., distortions) in the body's structure and functions (blood supply and metabolism) reduce the body's ability to heal itself. Various symptoms such as illness and pain then appear.

Osteopathy does not believe that the cause of pain and symptoms lies in a specific location, but rather examines the entire body to find the cause and performs treatment. By removing the cause, the body will show its original resilience and change to a better state by itself.

In addition, osteopathy considers the human being to be a unified entity that has a body, mind, and spirit, and the treatment is based on the importance of the function and connection of each of these elements. We believe that only when these three are restored to balance and harmony can we achieve a state of health.




I received my degree in Christian theology from Doshisha University in 1995. Then I received my national certification as a physical therapist in 2003, and I worked at the hospital for 13 years.I began studying osteopathy in 2010 and have continued to receive direct instruction from world-renowned osteopaths since then.

I spent a year in Sydney in 1995, so I speak some English.



     30min.     ¥4,000

     50min.     ¥6,000

     70min.     ¥8,000

     90min.     ¥10,000



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